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No Name, No Slogan

both my name and my slogan somehow...

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George Edward Purdy
My IMDb profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1652918/

My Moby Games profile: http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,2824/

I've been a freelance artist, cartoonist, computer game artist, computer tech, store manager, research analyst (not as fancy as it sounds), QA for OpenCOLA, art teacher, and probably other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. I have written screenplays and short stories and part of novels, and I've studied psychology.

I sometimes write music.

I briefly had a comic strip in the paper.

I love animals, especially cats, and I care about people. My friends list has people on it from a variety of backgrounds. You will find liberals and conservatives, anti-war protesters and soldiers, gay/straight/bi/non-sexuals, various races/religions/philosophies/belief systems.

I love all kinds of world cuisine and languages. Tex-mex is on my menu almost daily, being that I'm a native Texan going back many generations.

On my mother's side I am descended from several decorated war heroes and celebrated law enforcement professionals, including Sheriff Minor Lafayette Woolley and my beloved aunt, Zora Dell Woolley/Cole, the first female deputy sheriff in Fort Bend County. I am also related to the founder of the original Dallas settlement, John Neely Bryan (1810-1877), who is buried in Austin. I am named after my mother's father, a military pilot.

On my father's side my surname comes from the same source as the names Purdue, Pardue, and Depardieu. According to the story it was a man from India who rescued a french knight from the crusades and became a favorite of the french court and married a french woman. He was given the name to signify that he was a blessing from God.

People I've been compared to (depending on hairstyle and/or mood): mostly Robert Smith (The Cure), Trey Parker (Orgazmo, South Park), Matthew Sweet, Jon Crosby (VAST), Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Jack Black (Tenacious D), and most recently (after shaving my head) I was told I look like "the hitman" from the movie Hitman.

Turn Ons:
stable people, free thinkers, intellectualism, goodness, kindness, creativity, founding fathers of the United States of America, old school anime in Japanese, music that acts as the soundtrack to my daydreams, psychedelic experiences, nature, taking the scenic route, graphics that make your jaw drop, suspension of disbelief, hugs, kittens, puppies, people who can discuss ideas intelligently, people who can debate maturely and without regressing onto territorial animal states, perfume, Pigma pens, flowers, sunsets, mountains, passionate kisses that last forever, the extra stuff on DVDs, the times when the line goes where I want it to, clicking with someone, talking to people who just get it, CREATING COOL THINGS, bisque at Papadeaux, chips and salsa, sushi, feelings of love and being loved, openness, honesty (especially tactful honesty in the face of adversity), unusual entertainment, serendipity, professional quality special effects/props/costumes, Japanese video games, Pixar, 3DCG, Japanese artists' web sites, grrls, free-thinkers, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop (mostly), Deluxe Paint, the smell of magnolia scented candles, honeysuckles in springtime, nature

Turn Offs:
instability, destructive selfishness, dangerous stupidity, alcoholism, cigarettes, cigarette smoke, tobacco companies, addictive drugs (cocaine, heroin, nicotine, alcohol, etc.), badly-dubbed anime (read 99.9999999% of it, like Robotech), monosodium glutamate, excessive amounts of advertising (commercials in theatres, or cutting reruns to shorter lengths to add more commercials, e-mail spam), auto-selection of text in Windows, corporations and governments that don't care who or how many they hurt, ignorant people, manipulative/deceptive people, scientific fraud, people who are less mature than lower primates, smoking, free radicals, carcinogens, mass murderers, criminals in government masquerading as heroes, the Neilsen ratings system, flawed systems, painful memories, cruel people, rude people, people who hurt children or friendly animals (I don't blame you for killing a predator that threatens you), anti-intellectualism, blind arrogance, assumptions, bad food, bad movies, wasted good opportunities, the perpetuation of clichés in entertainment without the injection of new ideas, people so stupid and/or insane they are actually dangerous, bugs in Outlook Express, the way Live Journal keeps logging me out, Microsoft, Windows 9X, genetically modified and largely untested foods, disease, famine, murder, rape, war, bad parenting, suppression of science, dust, people assuming that I'm regurgitating a side of an argument they had with someone else and speaking on my behalf to themselves, unreasoning arrogance, CAT HAIRS IN MY OPTICAL MOUSE'S EYE!

300westheimer, 3dsmax, cabad, daily_drawing, daily_writing, draw_hard, gallery_japan, gamedevelopers, happymart, musabelles, stargate_sg_1, thereeldeal, work_stories, escapefromhell

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